My Wellness Routine

Before getting started I figured I would first explain who I am, my routine and why I need the routine. Being a functional adult unfortunately does not come easy for me. For years I felt lazy and believed I would amount to nothing. A lot of these feelings stemmed from the opinion of others. Like at my graduation party, my boyfriend at the time told my mother and grandmother, “you know she will never do anything she says she’s going to do.”

My mother took me aside and told me what he said, explaining to me how wrong he was and that he was not a good boyfriend. I didn’t listen to her and held on to this awful opinion of me for over 10 years. I won’t get into how my other relationships have been, but they were abusive. I do not think I ever developed self acceptance. Which leads to years and years of bullying my own self. Nothing has ever been good enough to make me feel like I have worth.

My life has changed drastically within the last year. I met a man that has lit a fire within me. Sometimes you just need to see what good is to know that it exists. I live in a safe place with tons of support, so healing is actually a real option this time and thats what I am after. Healing and self acceptance. Healing from the abuse from others and myself. And learning to accept who I am and love myself for it.

I have been on all sorts of depression and anxiety medication since I was 14 years old, and I haven’t found a single one that does not make me suicidal. At 29 years old I have decided it’s time to really try to be good to myself and see if that can make a difference. I use all natural herbs and series of self care actions I take all throughout my day.

What is most important is my routine. Sticking to a routine has always made me flourish and I am done making excuses as to why I cannot implement one. Below is my daily schedule that I follow every day. I am not perfect and I sometimes miss a few things depending on what I need to do for the day. This is all based on me currently not being employed. Once I am able to find a job that fits me I will have to change this up. So it is understandable if you do not have time to start a schedule like this. Pick a few you like and try to fit them in.

  • Early Morning Wake Up at 6:20 am (My daughter has to get up at this time for school, I made it a goal not to ever go back to bed when she is getting ready or leaves for school)
  • Slow wake up with a glass of ice water, coffee, breakfast and news. I do this from 6:20 to 9 am. It relieves pressure to start doing errands and chores.
  • Yoga for 15-25 minutes at 9 am.
  • Shower while listening to my affirmation playlist. Affirmation allows me to have no thoughts while in the shower other than the ones being told to me. Ex: It will be a good day. I accept love and forgiveness. I allow happiness into my life
  • From 10 am-5pm is when I am doing my actual work for the day. Errands, chores, school work and anything else I have planned.
  • Meditation at night. This is one that I am not perfect with. It only 10 minutes out of your night and helps you ground yourself from the stresses of the day. It works and I need to remember that before I brush it off several nights a week.
  • In bed by 10 pm, avoiding my phone unless I am reading on it. Reading leisurely is important every single night.
  • More water! I have always been a soda or juice drinker which we all know that are ok in small quantities, not being your main source of drink.
  • Healthy foods. I throughly believe in a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. I cannot find the truth when it comes to this without changing the way I eat. Less bread, sugar and red meat. More veggies, fruits and white meat.

I am 2 weeks into this lifestyle change and none of it is completely lost on me. I have started many of these and failed. When I told my sister that I was thinking about starting a blog she was so supportive. I told her my worry that I have started many things and have not kept up with them. Her response was, “Just because something ends doesn’t mean it shouldn’t begin!”

This blog will be full of updates of my personal life and what works or didn’t work for me. This will not be a journal only blog though. I will feature reviews, planner ideas, interviews, recent news, organizing tips, favorite yoga positions and more! This isn’t all about me. This is about me inspiring you through the honesty of my journey. I want A Mindful Geek to be full of fun and interesting posts, not just my daily life.

Thanks for reading today y’all!



3 thoughts on “My Wellness Routine

  1. Good luck, girl! You are worthy! I’ve got a friend who is a yoga and health coach. She does great yoga sessions that mix willpower and chillpower! She stresses how important small changes and self-care are. It’s not about hard core workouts, it’s about finding a calm place for yourself. Check her out at And good luck with your journey. I’m following you!

    1. Thank you so much Tarah. What nice words to wake up to this morning. I will check out today 😀

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