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I have been doing yoga everyday at 9 am for a few weeks now and I realized it is something that truly makes me feel centered. The routines go by faster than I thought they would with my favorite yoga routines. I do not feel that “ahhhh I wanna quit” in the middle of a routine. Its not your normal exercise. By the time I start, its like 20 minutes just FLYS by. Doing yoga daily is a huge commitment but who doesn’t have 10-20 free minutes a day? That small amount of time from your day could change you life.
It is important when you start doing yoga that you start off light. You have to build muscles and educate yourself on how yoga works. Pinterest is a great source for yoga education. The only thing you need to start is a yoga mat (thicker the better, teehee). With the help of youtube routines, doing yoga has never been easier.

 Below are my favorite yoga videos, listed by how often I use them:

I use this video the most. I really enjoy the guys voice and the poses they do. He reminds you that you are not suppose to push yourself during yoga which helps me to remind myself to relax
I super love Adriene. She was recommended to me via a yoga Facebook group I am about of. She is super nice and her routines are always fun. I feel like I learn a lot from her.
This is another video by Adriene. I personally love doing my yoga in the morning. It gets me started and excited about my day. This morning routine is light and relaxing.

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