Attacks Before an Interview.

This post is all about rising up and battling those attacks.
Today I had a job interview. Something that would fit me perfectly regarding hours, pay and location. I was so nervous before hand that I had a complete meltdown. Sobbing for 3 minutes before I decided:
  1. I am going no matter what
  2. Doing my yoga early would relieve this
So I did my yoga and noticed a huge change. Click here to find the video I used.
It was absolutely wonderful and the video I did was perfect. Afterwards I had a glass of water, got ready and promptly left for the interview.

Everything went great!

In a few days I should here back and see if I bagged the job. Once I arrived home I realized something, I survived. At one point this morning I felt like total shit. That I would fail or completely blow it. I was able to get up of the couch, do some yoga and have a great interview. I am functional and I wish that my brain could understand that. But while I am able to do all these things, I still have moments where I feel like everything is going to fall apart. Yoga gave me that clear head in order to continue to move in the direction of success.
Thanks for reading!

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