Whats in the Cards for Me?


I have always wanted to get a tarot card reading. My wonderful friend Ashton started her own online tarot card business called Loving Sea Tarot.  I promptly scheduled a reading and what I got was a series of cards that completely connected to my life.
There are three cards and each of them are meant for a different part of your life. 
Past, present and future. 
My first card representing my past was the Five of Swords. This card represents the unhealthy situations I was put in. That I felt attacked and was constantly on the defense in my past. Five of Swords can also represent how my past issues can play a role in my present and future. Basically I need to let go of the way I get so defensive now due to my past. As Rafki says “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

My second card for present time was the Seven of Cups. This represents a bloom of creativity in my life. It tells me that I am the only one that can limit myself.  I have a lot of different paths available to me and I am to chose the right one for me. I believe this hit the nail on the head because right now I am doing everything I can to use my creativity. This blog is a prime example of how correct this card was. 
My final card represents my future and it was the Reversed Tower. This is warning card and about scared me to death before reading her explanation. Since it was reversed it meant that there wasn’t any big troubles that need quick fixing. But that if I do not seek help when I need it or ignore problems then something bad could happen in my future. This stuck a cord with me because I am so mindful when it comes to my issues and how to fix them. This card is telling me too keep it up because if I don’t there will be trouble. 


Below is a video of my cards being flipped:

All in all, my experience with Loving Sea Tarot was amazing. She sent me a photo of my cards and a video of the cards being flipped (featured above). She gave a detailed description of each card, thats how I knew so much about them. She’s a wonderful teacher. She also gave me a small summary of what she thought the cards meant for me. I would recommend her to anyone that is curious about tarot card reading. Get your own online reading for $25 at Loving Sea Tarot.
Thanks for reading!

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