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I am a huge Disney fan. I was raised with it, and my father was an artist that could draw any character I wanted. In fact, my entire play-room was drawn and painted floor to ceiling in The Little Mermaid. Disney runs in my blood.

To say I am excited about the remake of Beauty and the Beast is an understatement. This has always been one of my favorite tales and Belle is my daughter’s favorite princess. Having Beauty and the Beast stuff everywhere again is FUN!

My boyfriend grabbed me in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and said, “they have something you need to see” and shows me several books about Disney retellings. He told me to pick one.

I chose As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale.

This book is about, “What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?” This struck my interest greatly because it is saying that Belle is related to magic. I had to know how it would all connect to the original story.

It’s geared towards young adults so the read is very easy. I tend to read right before bed and find that easy reads are better and I retain more information while I am dozing off. This was definitely one of those books.

The retelling itself is very nice with the entire first Part of the book to have alternating chapters. One chapter will be about the original Beauty and the Beast story and the next will be about Belle’s mother and father before she was born. The original story is followed up until Part 2 of the book. After the wolf attack is when things are totally different.

I will not give more spoilers than that.

Each character is written just as you expect them to be with original movie quotes used as well. I found that to be exciting and really planted this new story with the same feel of the Disney version.

A theme of this book is that even though someone is different, doesn’t mean that they are not deserving of life. This is shown throughout the main story and other smaller aspects of the story. I think this really hit me due to the way our country is dealing with people that are different. Fear doesn’t get you anywhere and karma is real. As Old as Time rings this truth.

A Twisted Tale? Is it actually twisted? Well, I found myself shocked a couple times in the book. There are elements used in this book that would have never been in the Disney movie, but these twisted aspects of it made it more real and exciting than your average fairy tale.

The end probably shocked me the most. Like the very last page. I will not spoil i, but it literally is a totally different ending than the movie which leaves you imaging in these characters in a different situation than you ever have.

I would rate this book with 8/10.

It was a super quick read even though it’s almost 500 pages due to Liz Braswell’s writing. She retold this story so amazingly that a lot of nights I would stay up for 2 hours past the time I’d like to go to bed. I never once got an urge to put it down or read it later.

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