[Interview] Empowering Women to Start a Small Business

When I was thinking about starting this blog, the first person I thought to tell was my sister. Her immediate reaction was DO IT! Her name is Megan Thompson and she the owner of a small business named Wild Rituals Soap Co. I have seen her start from the bottom and work her way up with years of hard work and determination. She maybe my little sister but I really look up to her in many ways. Her drive for success being one of them.

I wanted to interview her so I can get a better understanding of how a success small business start but also to share with you. More and more people are creating their own businesses in efforts to change the world. Whether it is a physical business or a mom blog, DO IT! START IT! KICK ASS!

Here’s what Megan said about her company Wild Rituals:

What is Wild Rituals Soap Co. about? 

Wild Rituals Soap Company is all about providing minimalistic and earth-based skincare for everyone. We focus on formulating products with organic ingredients that use the healing power of herbalism to treat your skin. It’s important to us that our simplistic and inclusive branding doesn’t adhere to any gender specific stereotypes. With these ideals, we successfully create heartfelt products that help people of all skin types, genders, ages, and races practice more self-love and self-care in their everyday lives.

How did you get started making soap?

I first got started making soap in 2013 when i was in a particularly rough time in my life. It was always something I was interested in. The process was so magical and allowed for a lot of creativity with the added bonus being able to use it as a special treat for you skin afterward. So, as a much needed hobby to drag myself out of an ugly spout of depression, I started making soap. It was an extremely healthy way for me focus my energies on something positive.

What made you decide to actually start your own business?

Once I started making soap, I proudly posted it to my personal social media accounts. There was an immediate interest from my friends. All wondering the same thing, “When can I buy this?” The response from my friends was so inspiring that I decided to try my hand at selling it. I first started selling my soap on Etsy under a different name that I sold other handmade goodies with. It went really well, but it wasn’t until a year later when I moved back home to North Carolina that it really took off under the name of Wild Rituals.

What struggles did you face in the beginning?

Overall, the beginning was pretty smooth sailing. It was still just something I did for extra money while working 2 other jobs. The real struggles came as the business grew. As the sole owner and operator, the work loud quickly became too much for me. I did what every entrepreneur is afraid to do and quit my day job to focus on Wild Rituals. Even then, the work load started to interfere with my mental health and since my business was founded on self-care – I quickly reached out for help. I was lucky enough to have friends willing to roll up their sleeves and learn the ins and outs of the soap trade. I still struggle with all of my roles that I play with my business.

What did you use to promote your business?

The best social media outlet i can suggest to new entrepreneurs is Instagram. Instagram is an incredible for small business as it enables you to reach a wide range of potential customers for no cost at all through the use of hashtags. With Instagram alone, I was recognized and worked with large companies such as Urban Outfitters and West Elm.

What are your business goals for Wild Rituals?

My business goals for Wild Rituals are very simple. I want to strive to continue to stay true to my belief system and continue to nurture the hearts of others through my creations. I’d eventually like to own my own shop and have a few employees so that I can focus on product development and community outreach. I really don’t care if I stay lower middle class my whole life so long as my heart is full my helping others.

What would you tell someone that is just starting out?

I would tell them to know that it’s going to be hard work. Mentally and physically. Being a business owner means never really being off the clock because your mind is always working. Find a balance and set boundaries for yourself from the beginning as to not cause yourself extra stress. Above all else, DO IT! Do it because it’s one of the most rewarding things you will ever do for yourself. It will provide you with a freedom that you didn’t know existed. I wake up without an alarm every morning and that alone is worth it.


From personal experience, her entire line is absolutely amazing. You may have seen her Mermaid Lagoon bath bomb in Urban Outfitters last year. She was all over the country! Check out Wild Rituals, for the best handmade bath products around. Like them on Facebook too!

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