Homemade Lotion Bars

I personally LOVEEE lotion bars. I feel like they work better than just slapping on wet lotion. Just more convenient.

They tend to be expensive and I wanted to find a great source of information on them for you guys. Making them yourself will save you money even if the ingredients cost more when you purchase them, this is because you are creating WAY more for your money compared to buying just a single one pre-made.

Plus making shit is fun!

These examples are from The Little PineThey have compiled 5 different recipes to creating these little acts of self care.

My favorite way to use lotion bars is right when I get out of the shower and my body is still slightly warm. I feel like they go on easier and leave me feeling super smooth after a shower.

But they can be applied any time of the day. Leave one in your bathrooms and beside your bed.

If you want to create quick ones without investing in molds you can make them right in an ice cube tray!

Click here to check out the Top 5 Ways to Make Homemade Lotion Bars!

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