10 Things to do During a Panic Attack

The above infograph lists all of the things I have been taught to do during a panic attack. They have all worked for me someway or another.

Sometimes one will work and never work again. Sometimes you only need one or you need them all. Every attack might need a different method or some of you may find one and forever stick to it.

You cannot find out if it works without trying. So next time you have a panic attack, use one. Just one. And if you have the strength, use another.

It will surprise you when something as little as a bath or coloring actually rids you of the attack.

Just try.

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Run Jump Scrap!

7 thoughts on “10 Things to do During a Panic Attack

  1. Thanks for this post, great timing. My hubs just started having panic attacks, initially of course we thought it was a heart attack. Good ways to work through the attack, thank you!

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