A Mindful Geek Update

Where did Brittany go?

After 6 months of unemployment, hours of job searching and days of depression…I finally got a job. This came so abruptly that I started the very next day. I had no time to process any of it. I am 3 weeks in now and finally able to breathe. On top of being a mom, girlfriend, employee, blogger…I am also a full time student in college.

Keeping up with everything really had to take some time and A Mindful Geek had to go on the back burner until I caught up.

I feel as now I am caught up and ready to come back, but with a different set of rules.

I will only be doing a blog a week. Every Saturday I will sit down and write a blog, having it posted for you all on Sunday morning. So Sunday morning is your A Mindful Geek time! Write it down, bookmark it, schedule it.

I am doing perfectly fine and loving the busyness of my life. Exhaustion has set in many of these days but exhaustion is better than sitting in a cloud of anxiety and depression right? I feel like the busyness keeps my mind from wondering to think of awful things.

I feel like a normal person again. Able to help my boyfriend out with bills without stressing how I will get the money. Not sitting at home all day, everyday. Around grown people.

Life feels good.

You will still get the same stuff that A Mindful Geek has been bringing to you. Just not as much as I was doing before. I will do my best to work on some posts to save up so I can eventually post more throughout the week.

A Mindful Geek is my baby, my outlet, my creativity release…I will not give up on her. (Yes its a her, duh)

Thanks so much for being so supportive, sorry it too me so long to catch up enough to sit and write this, and thanks for reading,

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