My Favorite Online Yoga Teacher

This is a post dedicated to one of the best yoga teachers I have found on Youtube. Her name is Adriene and if you are a yogi, you probably already know of her.

This woman is not only beautiful, but smart. She provides you with some of the most educational and chill videos out there.

Her yoga channel is called Yoga With Adriene

She has hundred of videos that are categorized into specific playlists. These playlists include weight loss, yoga for healing, 10-15 yoga practices, yoga for beginners and more.

Theres no secret that she is the most popular yoga teacher on Youtube, she has over 2 MILLION subscribers! Thats a lot of love!

The reason that I love her so much is because it feels like you are doing yoga with your best friend. She is funny, relaxing and helps you really understand what yoga is about.

I am quiet frankly obsessed with her. And I would recommend her to anyone, beginner or advanced. She has built something so grand and should be very proud of her accomplishments.

She even has a website that includes a blog, a store and paid online yoga classes.

I have been doing yoga for only a few months now and I have learned so much from her that I can do my own yoga sequences without questioning what I will do next. She teaches you in what order you should be doing specific poses such as stretching poses vs. the hardcore poses.

Yoga with Adriene will change you life. It will motivate you. She will make you smile. And it is by far the easiest introduction to yoga out there.

Below are links to some of my favorite playlists:

Yoga for Beginners 

30 Days of Yoga

So dive in! Take 20-40 minutes out of your time today, lay out your mat, and get to know Adriene.

Thanks for reading,

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