Tea and Self Care


Tea has become apart of my self care because I need a routine and it helps my body feel grounded and focused. I just recently started drinking tea because that’s all work had that was warm that wasn’t caffeinated. Due to my debilitating anxiety, I cannot drink caffeine and have been caffeine free for 2 years now. But caffeine in tea may help you focus and calm you down. Everybody’s brains are wired different.

I prefer lemon tea and I like it strong. I use two tea bags with stevia to sweeten it. At work their tea is super lemony and super strong. And I got used to it. I noticed how it would calm my anxiety at work. I work in a call center and have to talk to people all day which is a nightmare, but its a job. I do my best and apparently my best is one of the best in the office.

Ok, back to tea. Lets travel into the world of the best teas for self care:

1. Echinacea

Commonly known as purple coneflowers, Echinacea flowers sooth sore throats and alleviate cold symptoms when brewed in a tea. Also helpful for laryngitis or simply the day after a concert where you screamed the lyrics a bit too loud, Echinacea tea will coax your voice back to life and help it return to normal.

Echinacea tea has been invaluable to me in the past — I often drink it after ski races in subzero temperatures, when I lose my voice from the cold air abrading my throat. While Echinacea on its own certainly does not make the most delicious tea, combining it with mint or lemon — as one tea company does in its Echinacea Plus tea — creates a tangy flavor, both pleasant and healthy to drink, making it one of the best teas for self-care.

2. Chamomile

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