Tea and Self Care


Tea has become apart of my self care because I need a routine and it helps my body feel grounded and focused. I just recently started drinking tea because that’s all work had that was warm that wasn’t caffeinated. Due to my debilitating anxiety, I cannot drink caffeine and have been caffeine free for 2 years now. But caffeine in tea may help you focus and calm you down. Everybody’s brains are wired different.

I prefer lemon tea and I like it strong. I use two tea bags with stevia to sweeten it. At work their tea is super lemony and super strong. And I got used to it. I noticed how it would calm my anxiety at work. I work in a call center and have to talk to people all day which is a nightmare, but its a job. I do my best and apparently my best is one of the best in the office.

Ok, back to tea. Lets travel into the world of the best teas for self care:

1. Echinacea

Commonly known as purple coneflowers, Echinacea flowers sooth sore throats and alleviate cold symptoms when brewed in a tea. Also helpful for laryngitis or simply the day after a concert where you screamed the lyrics a bit too loud, Echinacea tea will coax your voice back to life and help it return to normal.

Echinacea tea has been invaluable to me in the past — I often drink it after ski races in subzero temperatures, when I lose my voice from the cold air abrading my throat. While Echinacea on its own certainly does not make the most delicious tea, combining it with mint or lemon — as one tea company does in its Echinacea Plus tea — creates a tangy flavor, both pleasant and healthy to drink, making it one of the best teas for self-care.

2. Chamomile

[Interview] Pregnancy and Mental Illness


I will be doing interviews with people that suffer mental illnesses. Each interview will have a subject to focus on. My hope is that we will help others understand that they are not alone and there are all types of people that suffer.

Todays interview will feature a soon to be mother. She will tell us about the struggles she has faced due to her mental illnesses and how she defeated them. Pregnancy does not always mean perfect beautiful glow and astounding preciousness. Sometimes it is hard, especially for those that have a battle within.

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Depression Physically Hurts: What Should You Do?

I have been experiencing the physical pain of depression and anxiety since I was 3 years old. Anything stressful would make me throw up and I was rushed to the ER many times to be told that nothing was wrong with me.

I remember being in the 1st grade and getting so excited to wear my Snow White costume to school that I literally vomited and had to stay home. Ruining this special time that I was so excited about.

I was tested for everything under the sun and we never got any answers. In fact, the doctors thought my mother was faking it. She was not.

This continued all the way through middle school. It was there that I experienced my first trauma. After this event, which I won’t be going into right now, happened, all my genetic-based disorders where amped up and I finally got the mental help I needed.

I remember when I was younger, I was so convinced that there was no way every single person felt this kinda of pain every day.

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How Cooking Can Be Self Care

How Cooking can be.png

I know, I know…as a mother, cooking can seem like (and sometimes is) the last thing you want to do. I have many of these kinds of days where we end up getting take out. But hear me out as to why cooking can actually be self care.

I think we can all agree that cooking is a hobby just as much as it can be a profession.

I would never consider myself a chef, but my daughter would. She is always telling me I can be on Masterchef. I CANNOT, trust me.

But I find a lot of joy in cooking. The entire process usually makes me pretty happy. I turn on the radio and pour me the optional glass of wine. And I just have my moment.

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My Top 10 Self-Care Secrets


I just recently moved and was unpacking all my books over the weekend. The amount of journal and self help books I have that range from teen to adult is impressive. I realized then that I really have been trying to take care of my emotions for a super long time.

I have been battling with this my entire life. And its only been since I was in my late twenties to figure out that I was living my life totally wrong for what I need to thrive.

I have been practicing coping skills hardcore for a good 3 years. It took me having to go to a mental health faculty to relearn how to take care of my self. And that is all coping skills or self care is…taking care of yourself.

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My Wellness Routine

Before getting started I figured I would first explain who I am, my routine and why I need the routine. Being a functional adult unfortunately does not come easy for me. For years I felt lazy and believed I would amount to nothing. A lot of these feelings stemmed from the opinion of others. Like at my graduation party, my boyfriend at the time told my mother and grandmother, “you know she will never do anything she says she’s going to do.”

My mother took me aside and told me what he said, explaining to me how wrong he was and that he was not a good boyfriend. I didn’t listen to her and held on to this awful opinion of me for over 10 years. I won’t get into how my other relationships have been, but they were abusive. I do not think I ever developed self acceptance. Which leads to years and years of bullying my own self. Nothing has ever been good enough to make me feel like I have worth.

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