Homemade Lotion Bars

I personally LOVEEE lotion bars. I feel like they work better than just slapping on wet lotion. Just more convenient.

They tend to be expensive and I wanted to find a great source of information on them for you guys. Making them yourself will save you money even if the ingredients cost more when you purchase them, this is because you are creating WAY more for your money compared to buying just a single one pre-made.

Plus making shit is fun!

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The Day My Boyfriend Found Out I Was a “Crazy Girlfriend”


I was never cool. I have been and have always been a dork. What I am talking about is that cool girlfriend that doesn’t need to be texted several times a day, who doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat, the one that doesn’t need a lot of attention and is just a riot to hang out with.


An easy person to be around.


I wouldn’t say that I lied to him about who I was because on the contrary I was clear about how my bipolar gets in my way. But I think a little part of me wished that I could turn into the cool girlfriend this time. Let go of all those needy feelings and just be easy going.


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The Truth about Motherhood & Bipolar

I have struggled for the last 9 years on whether or not I am a good mother. At some points I really felt like I was not meant to even have children. I had her when I was young so I was naive at the fact that I was not ready for a child. While I have respect for young mothers, I feel like many of them have no idea what is about to come MENTALLY.


I know I didn’t


I have struggled with mental disorders my entire life, anxiety and depression being the main monsters. I was a child that was scared of everything and only cared about what others thought of me. I built up who I was based on what other people thought I was. Never truly creating my own personality.


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[Freebie] Free Habit Tracker Upon Sign Up

A Mindful Geek will send out one newsletter a week. It will be filled with new content that regular readers will not have access to. Along with updates of the weeks most popular posts and on occasion a free digital download of some sort.

For signing up you get a one of a kind FREE habit tracker made my yours truly. It is a printable and gender neutral.

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My Top 10 Self-Care Secrets


I just recently moved and was unpacking all my books over the weekend. The amount of journal and self help books I have that range from teen to adult is impressive. I realized then that I really have been trying to take care of my emotions for a super long time.

I have been battling with this my entire life. And its only been since I was in my late twenties to figure out that I was living my life totally wrong for what I need to thrive.

I have been practicing coping skills hardcore for a good 3 years. It took me having to go to a mental health faculty to relearn how to take care of my self. And that is all coping skills or self care is…taking care of yourself.

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[Freebie] Daily Planner Printable

I don’t know about you, but I work better when I have my entire day planned out. It increases my motivation and also gives me something to look back at to validate my productivity for the day.

I have created my own daily planner printable and I want to share it with all of you! It includes everything you need to plan out your entire day. The download has two on one page so you get two days out of one piece of paper. SAVE THE TREES!

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Yoga and Your Period

Lets admit it. Moving while on your period sucks! Especially if you have a menstruation related disorder. Every month I literally feel like I am actually sick. AND I AM!


What sucks the most is that now I have to continue with my commitment to Yoga and move in a various of poses….and hold them! This is why using youtube for your yoga routines is amazing.

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