My Top 10 Self-Care Secrets


I just recently moved and was unpacking all my books over the weekend. The amount of journal and self help books I have that range from teen to adult is impressive. I realized then that I really have been trying to take care of my emotions for a super long time.

I have been battling with this my entire life. And its only been since I was in my late twenties to figure out that I was living my life totally wrong for what I need to thrive.

I have been practicing coping skills hardcore for a good 3 years. It took me having to go to a mental health faculty to relearn how to take care of my self. And that is all coping skills or self care is…taking care of yourself.

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[Freebie] Daily Planner Printable

I don’t know about you, but I work better when I have my entire day planned out. It increases my motivation and also gives me something to look back at to validate my productivity for the day.

I have created my own daily planner printable and I want to share it with all of you! It includes everything you need to plan out your entire day. The download has two on one page so you get two days out of one piece of paper. SAVE THE TREES!

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Yoga and Your Period

Lets admit it. Moving while on your period sucks! Especially if you have a menstruation related disorder. Every month I literally feel like I am actually sick. AND I AM!


What sucks the most is that now I have to continue with my commitment to Yoga and move in a various of poses….and hold them! This is why using youtube for your yoga routines is amazing.

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[Gluten Free] Southern Style Chicken Nuggets

In the South we love to fry everything, but what do you do when you are cutting flour out of your diet? REPLACE IT WITH HEALTHY FLOURS! I have teamed up with Alexandra from Stuff With Bits In to bring you some of her wonderful recipes.

This recipe creates little nuggets similar to Chick-Fil-A’s nuggets, but a healthier version! Alexandra uses rice flour and coconut oil to construct little nuggets of heaven. But just like Chick-Fil-A she uses the secret ingredient! PICKLE JUICE! (drink straight to relieve hangovers as well).

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[Interview] Empowering Women to Start a Small Business

When I was thinking about starting this blog, the first person I thought to tell was my sister. Her immediate reaction was DO IT! Her name is Megan Thompson and she the owner of a small business named Wild Rituals Soap Co. I have seen her start from the bottom and work her way up with years of hard work and determination. She maybe my little sister but I really look up to her in many ways. Her drive for success being one of them.

I wanted to interview her so I can get a better understanding of how a success small business start but also to share with you. More and more people are creating their own businesses in efforts to change the world. Whether it is a physical business or a mom blog, DO IT! START IT! KICK ASS!

Here’s what Megan said about her company Wild Rituals:

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As Old as Time: A Twisted Tale Review



I am a huge Disney fan. I was raised with it, and my father was an artist that could draw any character I wanted. In fact, my entire play-room was drawn and painted floor to ceiling in The Little Mermaid. Disney runs in my blood.

To say I am excited about the remake of Beauty and the Beast is an understatement. This has always been one of my favorite tales and Belle is my daughter’s favorite princess. Having Beauty and the Beast stuff everywhere again is FUN!

My boyfriend grabbed me in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago and said, “they have something you need to see” and shows me several books about Disney retellings. He told me to pick one.

I chose As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale.

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Whats in the Cards for Me?


I have always wanted to get a tarot card reading. My wonderful friend Ashton started her own online tarot card business called Loving Sea Tarot.  I promptly scheduled a reading and what I got was a series of cards that completely connected to my life.
There are three cards and each of them are meant for a different part of your life. 
Past, present and future. 
My first card representing my past was the Five of Swords. This card represents the unhealthy situations I was put in. That I felt attacked and was constantly on the defense in my past. Five of Swords can also represent how my past issues can play a role in my present and future. Basically I need to let go of the way I get so defensive now due to my past. As Rafki says “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

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Yoga, Stress and Anxiety

This morning was rough. My anxiety was controlling every thought and feeling I had. I had a panic attack before a job interview. It felt like everything was falling apart and I would fail. The only thing that came to mind was, START YOGA EARLIER. If I started it earlier than this feeling of dread would be lifted sooner.
I decided to search Yoga with Adriene  videos this morning and I am so glad I did. I found a wonderful routine made just for stress and anxiety! Could this be? Could I actually find some peace with this specific video? The answer to both are YES.

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Attacks Before an Interview.

This post is all about rising up and battling those attacks.
Today I had a job interview. Something that would fit me perfectly regarding hours, pay and location. I was so nervous before hand that I had a complete meltdown. Sobbing for 3 minutes before I decided:
  1. I am going no matter what
  2. Doing my yoga early would relieve this
So I did my yoga and noticed a huge change. Click here to find the video I used.
It was absolutely wonderful and the video I did was perfect. Afterwards I had a glass of water, got ready and promptly left for the interview.

Everything went great!

In a few days I should here back and see if I bagged the job. Once I arrived home I realized something, I survived. At one point this morning I felt like total shit. That I would fail or completely blow it. I was able to get up of the couch, do some yoga and have a great interview. I am functional and I wish that my brain could understand that. But while I am able to do all these things, I still have moments where I feel like everything is going to fall apart. Yoga gave me that clear head in order to continue to move in the direction of success.
Thanks for reading!

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