My Wellness Routine

Before getting started I figured I would first explain who I am, my routine and why I need the routine. Being a functional adult unfortunately does not come easy for me. For years I felt lazy and believed I would amount to nothing. A lot of these feelings stemmed from the opinion of others. Like at my graduation party, my boyfriend at the time told my mother and grandmother, “you know she will never do anything she says she’s going to do.”

My mother took me aside and told me what he said, explaining to me how wrong he was and that he was not a good boyfriend. I didn’t listen to her and held on to this awful opinion of me for over 10 years. I won’t get into how my other relationships have been, but they were abusive. I do not think I ever developed self acceptance. Which leads to years and years of bullying my own self. Nothing has ever been good enough to make me feel like I have worth.

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Here goes nothing…


I will be posting daily about my successes, mom wins, struggles, fears and my journey to wellness. I have implemented a lot of new routines into my life and my hope is to create a routine that gives me balance. A routine that can induce self acceptance. I struggle from Bipolar Disorder in rapid cycling, PTSD and extreme anxiety. Every single day is plagued with these monsters that attempt in every way they can to ruin my day and in the long run my life. I am 29 year old and have been dealing with this for as long as I can remember. The thoughts I had as a child about my self was not normal, but I had no way to know that until I matured.

I just want to share the things I do to keep me happy. I want to do this in order to help people and meet others that struggle or have once struggled like me. I will be posting other cool stuff such as recipes, yoga info, cool memes that make me laugh and much more. Future plans include full articles and interviews by friends of mine that battle mental illnesses as well or have a certain skill set I’d like to share. I hope that A Mindful Geek can become a place you frequently like to check in with.

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